Oh yeah, that’s why I’m gluten free…


I don’t love football and didn’t have any exciting Super Bowl plans this year. I’d been having very odd food cravings for the last week. I went for a 5 mile run Sunday morning and didn’t eat a proper lunch afterwards. All this culminated in me using Super Bowl Sunday as an excuse to go food crazy.

I actually did have a lot of food in the rotation that was paleo and delicious (including buffalo chicken drumsticks which were bomb and I’ll post later), but for some reason I started off with about 1/3 the bag of these babies. Peanut butter filled pretzel pillows. For the most part, I have been eating very clean since I moved to San Diego in October, aside from the occasional dinner out and even then if I wasn’t going strict paleo, I did make sure I was going the gluten free route. No curling up in a ball in pain clutching my stomach for a while.

Enter, pretzels. If there is one thing I can’t resist it’s salt. Salty salt salt salt. I just love it. And it’s covering these pretzels - the crunch, the texture, I could write POETRY about pretzels. AND THESE ARE FILLED WITH CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER. I can’t tell you how many times I have picked these up in Trader Joe’s, only to put them down again. But this time I bought them. And consumed them. And just like clockwork, a couple hours later, I was clutching my stomach in bed. As I lay there just hoping for sleep to hit me so I wouldn’t be in pain any more, Kevin looked at me and said “was it worth it?” and I stubbornly responded with defiance “YES!” and he said “ok, as long as it was worth it.”

It probably wasn’t actually worth it. But now and then it’s okay to get a reminder of why I stay on track the majority of the time.

Like, even now, knowing the outcome, I am looking at that picture and salivating over the flakes of salt and the creamy peanut butter that I know is inside them.

And I know there will come a time in the future where I will eat that sweet, sweet nectar of the gods once again. And that is why I really don’t need to eat them now. Or tomorrow. Or even for a couple months.

My Week with Brian

This is my friend Brian:


Last week he came to visit San Diego and we talked a lot about Paleo/why I do it/I made him try lots of Paleo cooking. Brian decided he would try 1 week of Paleo when he got home to CT. I sent him a grocery list for the week yesterday and will be sending him recipes at the end of each day for the previous day. Brian has today off, so he will go grocery shopping and do some meal prep and tonight at dinner his Paleo week starts. Here’s a bit of info about Brian:

Cathleen: Tell us a bit about yourself
Brian: Traveler, botanist, dressage champion, aspiring country music singer, ice cream man

Cathleen: Why did you decide to do this one week Paleo challenge
Brian: I want to be big and strong like my idol Dominic Sciame.

Cathleen: What are your current thoughts about the Paleo diet? Do you think it will be difficult? Easy?
Brian: I like bread. I like milk. I like beer. I don’t expect to enjoy this.

Cathleen: What grocery store do you typically shop at?
Brian: Stop & Shop

Cathleen: What kind of work outs if any will you be doing this week? Be specific if possible (time you will be working out duration etc)
Brian: Interpretive dance, Gym/p90 workout 4 days a week.

Cathleen: What does a typical day of eating look like for you?
Brian: Possibly skip breakfast/possibly have a Greek yogurt; sandwich with pickle for lunch around 12:00; dinner around 7:30pm; snack while watching some tv

Cathleen: Will you be drinking coffee?
Brian: No coffee

Cathleen: What time do you normally wake up/go to sleep?
Brian: Wake up at 7:30 Sleep around 12:30 AM

Cathleen: List any other concerns or food restrictions we should know about (ie allergies, have no refrigerator at work to store food in, only have 5 mins in morning before you leave for work, etc)
Brian: No restrictions. No allergies. Let’s do this!!
Here is the grocery list I gave Brian:
Small container of almond milk- I like blue diamond.
Coconut oil
Cinnamon (you might already have this)
Olive oil (you might already have this)
Raw honey
2 Spaghetti squash
Italian pork or chicken sausage - 2 packages. 1 can be ground sausage if you can find it. If not, you can remove the casings
1 lb ground turkey
1 lb ground beef (bonus points if its grassfed)
1 lb pork loin
Raw mixed nuts (no peanuts)-any kind, sliced almonds,pecans,pumpkin seeds (for palenola)
Dried fruit (try to look for minimal sugar - cranberries, cherries, or blueberries are all good choices)
Unsweetened shredded coconut
24 eggs (cage free)
1 package bacon - apple gate farm Sunday bacon is excellent
3 small yellow onions
2 red/orange bell peppers
3 parsnips
1 bag baby carrots
Package of broccoli florets (or, 2 heads of broccoli)
Package of cauliflower florets (or 2 heads)
4 sweet potatoes
1 package spinach
Package of Brussel sprouts
For emergencies-3 apple pie larabars, beef jerky - least amount of ingredients as possible
Marinara sauce (no sugar added, look for least amount possible ingredients)
Applesauce (no sugar added)
Berries - strawberries blueberries blackberries raspberries whatever looks good
Dark chocolate - green and blacks 85% is the best but just go as dark as you can (min 70%)
Stay tuned for Brian’s meal plan and his feedback!

Let’s talk about meal prep

A couple weeks ago I was food shopping at Trader Joe’s and the sample was meatballs. I was starving and they smelled good. It’s meat, right? I should have some! Then I went over to said meatballs in the freezer section and checked out what was in them - so turned off. I don’t even remember the long list of crap that was added to them but it was gross. It did get me thinking about meal prep, though. I could just make my own meatballs and freeze them for a great meal starter when you think you have “nothing” in the fridge. Or, I could just stick them in the fridge for a great snack during the week.

If you’re like me, you have no pets or children and no real obligations during the week except working normal hours, getting a workout in, and attempting 8 hours of sleep, but you still complain and feel like you don’t have enough time to cook good meals. When I get home from the gym around 8 pm I never feel like taking another hour to cook. But on Sunday I usually have a couple spare hours, so this is the perfect time to prepare some healthy paleo meals for the week ahead. This is especially useful if you are doing a paleo challenge and want to make sure you stick to your goals! Yesterday it was easy Spinach Turkey Meatballs with some steamed broccoli and curried cauliflower. Recipe below:

1 package/lb ground turkey
2 basil leaves
2 cups spinach
1 egg
1 small chopped onion
2 tbsp olive oil

Pour olive oil into blender. Slowly add spinach leaves, basil, and onion. Once this is mostly chopped, add in egg (don’t want this to beat for too long or your mixture will be mayo-like). Pour blend over turkey and mix with hands. Roll into golf-ball sized pieces and cook in pan with a bit of olive oil on medium. Flip after about 10 minutes, cook another 10 or until cooked all the way through. PACKAGE it up!

Time for a Challenge?!

Happy New Year!  I love this time of year- so much to look forward to and a fresh start!  Whether it be in your work, relationships, fitness, nutrition, or outlook on life- January is a time to reflect on where you are and where you’re going.  If you’re like me, where you were involved a lot of Fireball whiskey and holiday treats… definitely time to regroup, recommit, and look forward!

At CrossFit Hyannis we typically do 3-4 “paleo challenges” a year, ranging anywhere from 30-60 days.  My members literally beg me to do a paleo challenge in January, knowing that it will help to refocus them.  I have attached a link HERE to the format of our challenge (there are PDFs of the Challenge and Goal Setting Sheet at the bottom of the post on the CrossFit Hyannis website), and I invite you to get some friends, recreate it, and challenge yourself over the next month.  (We are starting on Monday, January 6th!)

The theme for the CFHY Winter 2014 Paleo Challenge is “Best Year Ever” and, like all of our paleo challenges, focuses not only on your nutrition but also on how you can work at becoming your best self each day.   Because as CrossFitters everything inevitably turns into a competition, points are allocated for four different areas: nutrition (logging everything you eat), body composition (weight and waist circumference), performance (based on workouts we test at the beginning and retest at the end), and goal setting (setting a week, month, 6 month, and 12 month goal and explaining your action steps toward achieving it).  Bonus points are awarded for working out at CFHY, consuming adequate water, and taking fish oil.  At the end of the challenge a winner is announced, although the truth is that all those who participate are rewarded by feeling and performing better.

One of the things that’s great about participating in a paleo challenge at the gym is that you have a group of people that are in it with you and hold you accountable- they understand there are ups and downs and support you along the way.  If you aren’t a member of a gym doing a paleo challenge, try to find a support system to do the challenge with you and someone to hold you accountable.  If you can’t find anyone, feel free to use Paleobsessed and CrossFit Hyannis as your support (friend CrossFit Hyannis on Facebook and let us know how it’s going!).  It’s important to not only view the challenge as a way to lose weight, but to genuinely commit to being the best version of yourself.   Good luck and let us know how it goes!



2014 - Full of things that have never been


I love that quote. “Full of things that have never been.” 2013 was full of things that had never been for me. Every year is, but this one was particularly action packed. I got engaged. New. I got married. New. I moved from Brooklyn to SoCal. New.  I started heavy lifting. New. Then I started Crossfit. New. Started eating Paleo. New. The funny thing about going into the unknown is that the only perspective you have is in the present. I tell this anecdote to everyone and I’ll tell it to you, too because I find it really amusing: when I was 16 and I got my license, I remember thinking to myself one day as I drove home from school, “this is it! This is what life is” as if by obtaining my license I had figured out everything life had to offer. I hadn’t yet gone to college, been in love, had a job, lived alone, or left the country but I knew what was up. And those are just the obvious life experiences I assumed were in front of me. How about all the non obvious ones? I had yet to discover lattes, meet my husband, read Atlas Shrugged, do a dead lift! Some of the most influential pieces of my life and I didn’t even know they were coming! That is what every new year brings. Every week and even every day has the potential to bring things that have never been, too. There are the events I expect will happen in the future that will be life changing: traveling to new countries, moving to a new area, owning a house, having kids. But what about the ones I’m not expecting? Who will you meet this year, what new passions will you discover, where will you travel? What new foods will you try? What books will change the way you think? I am so excited for an entire year ahead full of things that have never been…

Devious dairy? My cheese conundrum

It’s almost Christmas and you know what that means – cheese platters for days! Cheese. Crackers. Pepperoni….The go to appetizer and the perfect little piece of heaven that is so hard to just say no. The reason for this post is because I love cheese, but it is not Paleo and this is a Paleo blog. So, people probably have been wondering why the recipes I have been posting have cheese in them. That is not Paleo, they say, which is true. It is not. However, I have experience with the diverse dairy spectrum.

Cheese, and diary as a whole, is a tricky thing. According to Paleo experts and various research, cheese or any sort of dairy product is not Paleo – at all. Cavemen obviously did not enjoy a Christmas cheese platter with fig and prosciutto – sad.

I believe there is some truth to the “no dairy” idea. There is lactose intolerance, the negative effect of casein in the human body and leaky gut. When I first started Paleo I abstained from cheese or any sort of dairy for the first 1-3 months. I missed dairy, however I did not need it. After I felt comfortable with my diet as a whole, I did add a small amount of dairy, including full fat yogurts, organic and grass-fed cheeses and cream for thickening and sauce purposes.

This was not an everyday affair, but I’ll be honest, I do enjoy a great cheese, like a great wine it’s unforgettable. However, my feelings on dairy and cheese have not always been so black and white. Even before I fathomed the idea of Paleo, dairy was always a go to for me – as a snack and a great addition to a sauce or burger. Through my dairy journey, I never thought of dairy as culprit to various issues and problems I had. I always drank milk as a kid and though the idea of skim milk was super healthy.

I became less optimistic about dairy during my experience with acne, I did a lot of research regarding dairy and realized that it could be the root of my problem. I have read various research regarding dairy consumption and acne. Being a slight hypochondriac, I though well this could be a breakthrough in my self-diagnosis! So I decided to go to an allergist and see, once and for all If I was allergic to dairy. Figuring I was right, with all my medical experience, it comes to find out I am allergic to aspergillum (mold) and cats - not really what I was hoping for. No dairy, not even evidence of an intolerance! Now back to the drawing board. At this point I had not started Paleo and was coming down of a wheat binge. I was at my heaviest weight and my skin was at its worst. After my experience with the allergist I decided to check out the whole gluten free thing. Maybe there is a connection to wheat and acne? In the meantime, I made an appointment with a dermatologist – my 4th I might add. I was sick and tired of them trying to prescribe me Accutane. I refused. Not surprised at all, this new dermatologist also suggested Accutane. I said no, I will try anything else. I was sticking to my plan. I had made a personal decision pre-appointment to go gluten free and stick to it. Since I refused the Accutane I was prescribed, 100 mg of Doxycycline, 150 mg Spironolactone, Clindamycin cream and Tazorac. Keep in mind these are some INTENSE medications. In small doses they are used for cystic acne purposes -ugh. Sweet, I’m a walking pharmacy. I hate taking medication.  Despite my hatred I decided to be vigilant about the medication. It was my last chance before I caved to Accutane or had no choice in the matter. This was November 2012 and my next appointment was January 2013. I had three months to do something radical.

Through the end of the year and into January I was gluten free AND excluded dairy from my diet. So it was a weird paleo/primal/gluten free combination. Then it happened. My skin started to get better. I could see the cystic acne slowly starting to disappear! This was literally the most exciting thing happening in my life. Sounds trivial, but it is hard to understand unless you lived through an acne experience. At this point I did not know if it was removing the wheat, removing the dairy, the medication – or a combination of all three. The medication was not fun. It would often make me nauseous and I had developed and odd aversion to any sort of shellfish.

I went back to the dermatologist in January and the first thing she says as she walks in the door, “Oh my god, I can’t believe the difference. If I saw you today, for the first time, I would never had suggested prescribing Accutane.” At this point I was almost afraid to add dairy back into my diet - what if I ate a cube of cheese and boom, reverted back 5 months. Dairy could be the culprit or it could be a combination of my new clean diet and the medication. This separation becomes clearer as my journey continues. After doing some more research I decided to go strict Paleo. After reading the adverse effects of wheat I thought this would be he icing on the cake. I removed all grains including quinoa and risotto from diet. By my grandmother surprise 80th birthday party in March my skin was smooth and I had very little blemishes – to be honest it was the clearest it has ever been. I had no cysts and even little clogging and would rarely breakout. I decided that I also had some sort of underlying hormonal imbalance. I believe the clean diet has helped regulated what was going on in my body. I felt good. With my new diet and new found confidence I was happy with where things were going. Fast forward almost 10 months to the following November The dermatologist officially took me off the Doxycycline, Clindamycin, and the Tazorac cream! Amen! It was a great day. Keeping up with my diet and now off the medication except the Spironolactone, I really believe the food I was eating had a huge impact on my diet.

 As the months went on, I decided to dive into a book, called the Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson. It was really fascinating to read about the development of these intolerance and how genetically modified food has essentially changed us. My favorite part of the book is his theory on dairy. Dairy is relatively “new” chronologically and certainly full of viable nutrients in its raw form – saturated fats, proteins and carbs. Our bodies recognize dairy, but the question is, is it healthy. After reading up on this book, I decided to add small amounts of quality dairy back into my diet. I monitored my gut and my skin. After my cheese experiment I decided it was OK, based on how I was feeling, to add some dairy back into my diet. I highly suggest reading the article here for more scientific information about dairy: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/dairy-intolerance/#axzz2oLLOy8qJ

I believe the main take away is that organic, hormone free and full fat dairy is your best bet - especially since you find these quality products at your local grocery store. I usually buy my cheese and other dairy products from the cheese counter at Whole Foods. I always look at the ingredient and the less the better. Whole Foods has a great selection of quality cheeses. However, based on my experience, It is hard to say yes or no to dairy. It is really up to you. It is up to you to understand what dairy does to YOUR body. If you can handle dairy that does not mean the next person can handle it. The article above goes into more detail about the “problems” with dairy. Sometimes I feel better with dairy and cheese and not so hot another day. I really do believe quality matters. I rather spend a little more on something great and versatile than something so-so.

So Christmas is Wednesday and I say don’t be afraid to grab a slice of cheese off the cheese platter or antipasto - add some fruit or a some protein for a filling snack!. Know your body and understand the affect dairy has on you. It is a very individual journey and this is mine. Only you can decide for yourself if dairy is right for you. 

Stay tuned for my Christmas antipasto! 

Peace n’ Paleo

Paleobsessed not Paleoperfect

It’s that time of year- holiday parties galore!  As I’ve mentioned before, I am a big proponent of 80/20 paleo- I only buy and cook paleo, but when I’m out and about I’m not afraid to splurge a little (or a lot depending on the situation).  Everybody is different, but this is what I have found works for me at this time in my life.  Sure, there are points in the year where I really dial in my diet- but generally speaking you won’t see me checking labels at a holiday party (Is there gluten in these Oreo balls?).

Last weekend, following a hard, three hour training session in the morning, I attended a Christmas party.  I arrived bearing gifts- a six-pack of Angry Orchard and a bottle of Fireball whiskey.  Now maybe I shouldn’t call these “gifts” since it was evident that I would predominantly be the one drinking them.  Next thing you know I’m standing in the kitchen with some members from my gym and we’re ripping Fireball shots- you know how it goes.  After some time I notice the cheese and crackers.  And Oreo balls.  I excuse myself to go to the table for a few light apps.

As I fill my plate with a couple pieces of cheese, some crackers, and an Oreo ball I suddenly realize that people around the table (who I don’t know) are staring at me with looks of shock on their face.  I could only imagine their thoughts, “Oh my God, doesn’t that girl own a CrossFit gym- and she’s eating all that unhealthy food.”  You’re damn right people, get over it. 

The next day I was squatting (never too hung over to squat) with one of my other female coaches and I relayed the story to her.  Part of me wanted to think that I had imagined their glaring eyes- but we both admitted that now that we are labeled as “those CrossFit girls” no matter what we eat can be scrutinized by others.  You’re eating chicken and veggies- you’re too concerned with what you eat.  You’re eating crackers and Oreos- you’re not eating what you’re supposed to. 

The reality is that you need to find what works for you, and not be overly concerned with what others think.  I love eating paleo.  I perform better in the gym and feel better when I do.  But I also splurge sometimes- I enjoy food and have found that these minor indulgences help me in the long run.  Everybody is different and it’s important to find a healthy balance that works in your life and for your body.  This is your life- enjoy it and don’t let those glaring eyes get you down!


 image ”I really wish Katie had laid off those Oreo balls…”

Cath’s Curried Cauliflower


Yesterday I climbed a rope at CF for the first time. I am pumped because literally this is the first time I have ever climbed a rope. Back in elementary school gym class the teacher would be like “climb the rope” and I didn’t have the upper body strength to pull myself with my arms so I just thought “I can’t do rope climbs” and then she would just tell me to swing on the rope. WTF. EVERYONE CAN CLIMB A ROPE. There is a way to do it with your leg strength. I would like to go back to gym class and tell 7-11 year old me that I absolutely could have climbed the rope. Think you can’t do something because one way isn’t working? Find another way. K, moving on. Let’s talk food.

I am SO excited to share this recipe with you because it is delicious and insanely easy to make. Also a fun way to get in some veggies.

Head of cauliflower cut into florets or a Trader Joe’s bag of florets if you are lazy, like me - trust me, the more the better for this.
Curry powder
Salt and pepper
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil (depends on amount of cauliflower)

Preheat oven to 375. Dump your cauliflower into a large ziploc bag and pour on a light coating of olive oil. Coat with curry powder. Sprinkle in salt and pepper to taste. Shake the bag until every floret is covered. Dump on a baking sheet and stick in the oven for about 25-35 minutes or until golden brown and slightly crispy.

You can squeeze some lemon or lime zest over these for a citrusy flavor but truly this is delicious on it’s own. Enjoy as a side or snack! #cookwithcath

The evolution of pizza




I really, really, really love pizza. To be honest, I still indulge in a great thin crust or meat lovers every once in a while, I’m not gong to lie about it. I am human.

Pizza makes me happy, cooking makes me happy, therefore cooking pizza makes me happy! Ever since I began my Paleo journey I have been on a mission to find the perfect Paleo pizza.

I have tried various “crusts” and have been disappointed. Ever since the first day I tasted that delicious cheesy, saucy goodness, I have an image in my mind how pizza should look and taste. Sadly, that perfect image is full of gluten…. 

Then one day the Meatza came into my life. Most people wouldn’t even give the Meatza a chance. Pizza is sauce, cheese and a CRUST made of BREAD. I respond by telling them to keep an open mind - it’s OK to try new things once in awhile.

The science behind the Meatza is simple. It is essentially a giant flattened meatball topped with WHATEVER you want. The two Meatzas above are my own creations. The saucy one is a beef, veal and pork crust with tomato sauce and organic mozzarella. The other is a turkey crust with sliced fingerling potatoes, bacon, fontina cheese and rosemary. Two very different tastes, but coming from a pizza connoisseur, it rivals some of the best pizzas I have had. 

Here are the crust recipes. Keep in mind when it comes to the spices I just go with my gut, no tablespoons or teaspoons here!

Crust - beef, pork and veal (or whatever meats you like. I’ve used lamb too before). I always do turkey by itself, but you can combine them if you want. 

- Fold and mix meats together into a big ball.  I use about 1/3 pound each, but I think 1/2 pound total is plenty especially if you want a thinner crust

- Mix in one egg

- Add in almond meal and flax seed meal - about 1/4 c (1/8 c each)

- Spices!! I use salt, black pepper, dried basil, dried oregano, dried parsley, garlic powder, onion power, pinch of cayenne pepper, and turmeric

- Fold and mix all together

- Flatten on a cookie sheet or pizza pan

- Bake crust for about 12-15 minutes

- Take out and top with WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!

- Cook until melted (if you use cheese)

EAT. Mind blown. Trust me.

Lesson of the day: What I have learned from my Paleo pizza journey is that being creative usually leads to something amazing and an opportunity to learn and improve. After my Paleo pizza defeats I was a little tentative with the Meatza. I was sad, that I was on the verge of admitting that it was not possible to make a Paleo pizza. However, the Meatza has shown me the light! Can I get a Amen!

Don’t underestimate your abilities in the kitchen. Think outside the box, always be willing to adapt and improve #murphsmorsels

P.S. I also use that meat mix for my Paleo meatballs! Boom, another meal from one recipe!

Peace n’ Paleo

For is there any practice less selfish, any labor less alienated, any time less wasted, than preparing something delicious and nourishing for people you love?”

Just a little love for your Saturday. Love, love, love this and I think a great sentiment for the holiday season! Peace n’ paleo my friends.

Also, please check out Michael Pollan’s book, Cooked. It is truly fantastic.


Michael Pollan, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

Din on a whim.

That time you come home from vacation and open the refrigerator and all you see is one can of coconut water, a sweet potato, chia seeds, bacon, some cucumbers, a block of grass-fed cheddar and an egg.

Hmm, what can I do with that? Days like these make it so easy to just say NO, I am getting take out. Life is too short to sit here and stare into this sub zero void. However, with my Paleo mindset, I feel wired differently especially in the way I think of food and how easy it actually is to make a nice, quick and healthy meal. So the wheels started turning and I came up with something that was both a craving and a seemingly good utilization of what I had in the fridge. 

The goal when cooking a Paleo dinner on a whim is to:

1. Keep in simple - don’t stress yourself out with your limited ingredients.Trust me, this is coming from a person with 0 patience. 

2. Make it quick - the last thing you want to do is sit in the kitchen for 7 hours when all you want to do is sit down and watch NCIS reruns. 

3. If you can, make extra for lunch - Lesson of the day! Makes mornings easier and lunches better. 

So with a little Paleo magic, I pulled together a pretty tasty dinner! It was so simple anyone, I mean anyone, can do it in 30 minutes or less!

Remember, those cucumbers, sliced those up, nice and thin = chips

Grabbed some chicken breast from the freezer, pulled out the Lodge cast iron stove top grill, pounded the chicken breast and popped the breasts on the grill.

Grilled each side for 8-10 minutes

While the chicken was cooking, I cooked up some bacon in the skillet.

When the chicken was browned and cooked through, I popped those bad boys on top, sliced my cheese and topped the chicken!



Boom #dinonawhim #lunchfortomorrow

Stay tuned for Meatza this weekend!


Peace n’ Paleo


Paleo Parsnip Puree

Try saying that one 5 times fast, ha! Maybe I can keep this up and only post recipes that start with “P.” This one is super easy and relatively quick to make. I got a Vitamix a couple weeks ago and I love it. I started using it to make different kids of soup, as a way to get in more veggies. At the same time, I discovered PARSNIPS at Trader Joe’s. I really don’t think I’ve had parsnips more than a handful of times in my life, but they are BOMB. Their consistency is similar to that of potatoes when you cook them in the oven, so I thought, why not try a puree! I used my Vitamix, but you can use any blender you have.

2 large turnips, chopped
About 1/2 cup carrots, chopped
2 tbsp coconut oil

Put chopped turnips and carrots on a pot and cover with water. Boil for 20 minutes. Drain. Mix in coconut oil and mash the mixture with a fork or a potato masher. Pour into blender and mix. Voila! SO GOOD SO EASY.

#cook with cath

Monday wishes it was Sunday Perfect Paleo Pancakes


I’ve developed this strange rapport with one of my coworkers. I don’t know how this happened but the only conversations we ever have are about how we are looking forward to the weekend. If I see him on Friday and ask how he is he replies “Friday, can’t complain, right?” On Thursday it’s “One more day,” and today he said “Not bad for Monday. 4 more days, right??!” I don’t know how we got to this place. There are far more interesting things we could be talking about. I could have asked him what he did this weekend. Or what his favorite book is. Here’s a line you can always say to get people on the positive, “So bacon! Am I right?!!” (everyone loves bacon). Instead we have fallen into this strange pattern and have become 1950s cartoon characters grumbling by the water cooler. Monday gets a bad rap. But I actually like Mondays. It’s a time to recenter and restart, to think about your intentions. To make the decision that you are going to have a good week. Plus, Sunday is rest day, and by Monday, I am itching to get back to the gym.

The one thing I do miss about Sundays is the lazy hour or two I always enjoy in the morning before the day gets rolling - typically just drinking coffee, researching new recipes, and making a more involved breakfast than I do during the week. Yesterday it was these incredible Banana pancakes, inspired by PaleOMG, with a bit of my own twist. Recipe below! Enjoy Monday, kids!

2 large or 3 smaller ripe bananas
2 eggs
1 heaping spoonful of applesauce
4 tablespoons coconut flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
Chopped nuts for topping (optional)

Mix all ingredients, in order, together in a blender (blend a bit after each ingredient is added) except for a quarter or so of 1 banana. After the mix is blended, drop onto a heated pan. Once you start seeing bubbles, slice a few banana slices into the mixture, then flip. Sliced almonds are another good topper, as pictured above, but you can use whatever chopped nut you would like. Just throw a couple in before you flip. I like to top these almond butter AND real maple syrup. Happy tummy : )